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Roads Less Taken

Unpacking Roads Less Taken’s adventure into the digital world, where custom web design meets the road less traveled.

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Case Study

The Client

Roads Less Taken, a unique travel website, blends engaging blog content with detailed pages on countries the client has personally explored. Their vision was to create an immersive online space for travel enthusiasts, showcasing off-the-beaten-path destinations and personal travel experiences.

The site aimed to inspire wanderlust while providing valuable insights and tips for fellow globe-trotters.

Case Study

The Brief

Distinctive Design

The client aimed for a unique design, breaking away from the conventional styles of travel websites. The goal was to create a visually engaging site that embodied the spirit of adventure.

Activity & Culture Highlight

Emphasis was placed on showcasing outdoor activities like trekking and beaches, and highlighting the cultural uniqueness of each featured country.

Interactive Maps

They wanted interactive maps for each country, allowing users to explore popular destinations and discover attractions through an engaging, clickable interface.

SEO Ready

The site needed to be SEO optimized from the start, ensuring high visibility in search results to attract travel enthusiasts and increase discoverability.

Case Study

My Approach


In designing the sitemap for 'Roads Less Taken', simplicity was key. Given the vast array of countries featured, it was essential to create an intuitive and straightforward navigation structure, allowing users to effortlessly browse through the diverse destinations.



The wireframe mirrored this simplicity. Aimed at providing a seamless user experience, it emphasised a clear, organised layout. This approach was instrumental in effectively structuring and showcasing the rich content without overwhelming the site visitors.



'Roads Less Taken' required a unique, mysterious design, integrating the client's extensive photo collection to highlight offbeat travel destinations. The layout focused on visual storytelling to evoke a sense of adventure.



The site was developed for easy client updates, with a user-friendly backend. Photos were preloaded and optimised for quick loading, ensuring the site remained both visually engaging and high-performing, essential for an optimal user experience.


Case Study

The Results

Roads Less Taken underwent a thorough examination through my rigorous 17-point testing process, ensuring every aspect of the site functioned flawlessly. This comprehensive testing covered everything from user interface and experience to load times and responsiveness, guaranteeing a polished and efficient final product.

The launch was executed seamlessly. Every element of the site performed impeccably, reflecting the meticulous planning and testing phases. The successful, problem-free launch marked a significant milestone, setting the stage for the site to captivate and inspire a growing audience of travel enthusiasts.
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