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Elevated Media Training’s digital presence through strategic SEO, redesign, and content optimisation, achieving top rankings and boosting client engagement.

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Media Training Melbourne

Case Study

The Client

Media Training is a premier media training enterprise located in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in empowering CEOs, professional athletes, scientists, and celebrities with the art of effective communication. By offering bespoke training sessions, Interview Savvy equips its high-profile clientele with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of media interaction confidently, ensuring their messages are conveyed clearly and impactfully in any public or professional setting.

Case Study

The Brief

Increase Traffic

Implement strategic SEO and content marketing tactics to boost organic search visibility, attract more visitors, and elevate brand awareness.


Modernise the website with a fresh, dynamic design that reflects Interview Savvy's professional image and appeals to a diverse audience.

Content Strategy

Revamp the content strategy to include keyword-rich, engaging, and informative content that positions Interview Savvy as an industry authority.

SEO Infrastructure

Develop a solid SEO foundation, ensuring the website architecture supports optimal search engine crawling and indexing for enhanced visibility.

Case Study

My Approach

SEO Audit

For the Website Audit phase, a thorough examination was conducted to uncover SEO and usability issues, analysing site structure, content, and backlinks. This audit pinpointed essential changes needed to elevate the site's search engine performance and user experience, laying a detailed foundation for targeted SEO strategies and web improvements to ensure Media Training's platform stood out in the competitive digital landscape. You can find out more about my SEO audit process here..


Redesign & Development

The website underwent a comprehensive redesign and development process, prioritising intuitive UI/UX and resolving pre-identified SEO issues. This phase modernised the site's appearance while ensuring its foundation was optimised for search engines, crucial for enhancing visibility and user interaction, ultimately providing a seamless and engaging online experience for visitors.


On-Page SEO

Focused keyword research and strategic on-page optimisation were implemented to ensure the content was fully optimised for search engines. This included meticulous adjustments to meta-tags, headings, and content alignment with SEO best practices, significantly improving the site's relevance and ranking for targeted search queries, thus attracting more qualified traffic.


Off-Page SEO

A strategic off-page SEO campaign was launched to strengthen the site's authority and online presence. By cultivating high-quality backlinks and optimising Google Search Console settings, the site's credibility and visibility in search results were significantly enhanced, contributing to a stronger digital footprint and improved search engine rankings.


Case Study

The Results

The culmination of my SEO and website redevelopment efforts for Media Training exceeded client expectations, manifesting in significantly enhanced site performance and search engine rankings. The intuitive redesign, coupled with strategic on-page and off-page SEO, dramatically increased website traffic and user engagement.

Clients reported a noticeable boost in media training inquiries, attributing this surge to the improved online visibility and authority established through our comprehensive SEO campaign. The seamless integration of SEO best practices and a user-focused design not only solidified Media Trainings digital presence but also positioned them as a leading authority in media training across Melbourne and beyond, marking a profound impact on their business trajectory.

Page 1 Ranking

Increased Traffic

Enhanced User Experience

Authority Building

Improved Site Speed

Content Optimisation

The Review

“High quality contractor with broad knowledge of all things digital and design. Constant and clear communicator with a strong work ethic. Personable but professional and more thorough than 95% of similar contractors. Highly recommended”

Interview Savvy

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