Web Design Case Study

Lina & Fred

Bridging cultures with a bilingual, bespoke wedding site that beautifully narrated Lina and Fred’s journey and united families globally.

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Lina & Fred

Case Study

The Client

Lina and Fred, a unique couple bridging the vibrant cultures of Colombia and the UK, sought a bespoke website to celebrate their wedding. Envisioned as a digital invitation and storybook, the site aimed to connect families and friends across continents, sharing their journey and details of their picturesque Colombian wedding, embodying the fusion of traditions and the joy of their special day.

Case Study

The Brief

English & Spanish

A bilingual website catering to both English and Colombian guests, ensuring seamless navigation and comprehension for all visitors.

Photo Timeline

A visually captivating timeline showcasing Lina and Fred's journey from their first meeting to their wedding day in Colombia.


An intuitive RSVP form for guests to confirm attendance, enhancing the planning process and guest management for the wedding.

Bespoke Design

Tailored website design incorporating green floral motifs and gold colours, mirroring the wedding's theme.

Case Study

My Approach


Crafted dual sitemaps for English and Spanish pages, accommodating the bilingual nature of Lina and Fred's wedding. This approach ensured that guests from both Colombia and the UK could navigate the website with ease, finding all necessary information in their preferred language, thus creating a welcoming digital space for all attendees.



Designed an image-rich wireframe with ample white space to highlight key moments in Lina and Fred's relationship. The layout focused on visual storytelling, with carefully selected images set against clean backgrounds to draw attention to their journey and the details of their celebration, providing a seamless blend of content and imagery.



Selected header typography mimicking handwritten script paired with gold accents to evoke a personal, elegant touch. The design prominently featured green floral imagery throughout the site, aligning with the wedding’s theme. This artistic direction not only added a layer of personalisation but also visually tied the website to the event's aesthetic and color scheme.



Developed a user-friendly backend, simplifying content updates for Lina and Fred. Integrated language toggle software, allowing seamless switching between English and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for all guests. This functionality was paramount in creating an inclusive experience, reflecting the couple’s diverse backgrounds and facilitating communication with their international guest list.


Case Study

The Results

The bespoke website for Lina and Fred’s wedding surpassed their expectations, beautifully bridging the cultural gap between their British and Colombian families. The bilingual functionality ensured that guests from both countries could engage with the site effortlessly, enhancing the anticipation and participation in their special day.

The custom design, with its elegant handwritten typography and green floral theme, received widespread acclaim for its uniqueness and personal touch. The intuitive user interface and backend facilitated easy updates and RSVP management, streamlining the wedding planning process. Ultimately, the website not only served as a digital invitation but also as a cherished keepsake of their love story, setting a new standard for personalised wedding websites.
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