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Greer Glover

Elevating Greer Glover’s brand: Enhanced website design, improved SEO, leading to increased client engagement and business growth.

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Greer Glover

Case Study

The Client

Greer Glover is a distinguished copywriter, editor, and proofreader operating out of Oxford, UK. With a sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of language’s power, Greer offers bespoke writing solutions that breathe life into her clients’ projects.

Her services span a wide range, from crafting compelling copy to meticulous editing and proofreading, ensuring every word serves its purpose and resonates with the intended audience. Greer’s expertise elevates communications across various mediums, making her an invaluable asset to any project.

Case Study

The Brief

Easy Updates

A streamlined website enabling Greer to effortlessly update content, ensuring her site remains current with minimal technical know-how required.

SEO Ready

Optimised for search engines from the outset, enhancing online visibility and drawing a targeted audience to her copywriting services.

Service Visibility

Intuitively structured website to showcase her many services, making it easy for visitors to understand her offerings.

Dynamic Content

Incorporating engaging, interactive elements to reflect the creativity and dynamism of Greer's work, capturing visitors' attention and encouraging engagement.

Case Study

My Approach


Crafted an intuitive sitemap, simplifying navigation to prominently feature Greer's array of services. This design enables users to effortlessly explore her offerings, ensuring quick access to each service, thereby enhancing user engagement and facilitating a smoother journey through the website's comprehensive content.



Constructed a wireframe focused on clarity and ease, presenting Greer's content in a clean, accessible manner. By prioritising user experience, the layout was strategically planned to guide visitors through the site, ensuring Greer’s services are showcased effectively and understood at a glance, laying the groundwork for a compelling visual story.



Adopted a minimalist design strategy, incorporating Greer's signature red hues to highlight her brand without overwhelming users with excessive color. The visual approach was carefully balanced to reflect Greer’s professional image and personality, creating a welcoming and engaging online environment that captures the essence of her services.



The development phase prioritised functionality with a focus on ease of updates by Greer, incorporating a user-friendly backend. Special attention was given to mobile optimisation, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. Additionally, essential SEO software was installed, laying the groundwork for enhanced search engine visibility and performance, further supporting Greer’s digital presence and accessibility.


Case Study

The Results

The transformation of Greer Glover’s website has been met with exceptional satisfaction from Greer and accolades from her clients. The new website, with its user-centric design and improved navigation, significantly enhances the visitor experience, fostering increased engagement and positive feedback. The thoughtful integration of SEO strategies has markedly boosted the site’s visibility in search engine results, attracting a broader audience to Greer’s services.

This digital overhaul has had a profound impact on her business, evidenced by a substantial increase in inquiries and new projects. The positive outcomes of this project underscore its success in not only meeting but surpassing its goals, effectively propelling Greer’s professional brand to new heights and solidifying her presence in the competitive online marketplace. The project’s success has thus been a catalyst for business growth, reinforcing Greer’s market position and expanding her reach to potential clients.
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