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Broadland Construction

Broadland Construction’s new website showcases their upscale properties with a sleek design, enhancing their online presence and user engagement.

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Case Study

The Client

Broadland Construction specialises in developing high-end properties across Southern England, particularly London. With extensive experience in the property and construction industry, they are renowned for delivering luxury developments.

Their success stems from a deep understanding of market demands and a commitment to excellence in every project they undertake, making them a leader in the upscale real estate sector.

Case Study

The Brief

Pixel Perfect

The brand was created by Brand Atelier and I had to build the site to perfect match the design.

Easy Updates

Implement a user-friendly CMS for effortless updates to content and property listings.

Mobile Friendly

Ensure the site is responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience on all devices.

Projects Page

Design a dedicated page to showcase past and current projects with high-resolution imagery and detailed descriptions.

Case Study

My Approach

Information Gathering

To kickstart the project, I conducted a detailed consultation with Brand Atelier to grasp their vision and objectives for the website. This phase was crucial to align our strategies with their brand goals and ensure that the final product would effectively showcase their upscale properties and long-standing expertise in the construction sector.


Best Tools to Use

For optimal design flexibility and site manageability, WordPress coupled with Elementor Pro emerged as the ideal tools. This combination allows for robust, streamlined site administration while delivering high aesthetic appeal. These tools were selected to ensure the site would not only look great but also be easy for the client to update and manage post-launch.


Staging Environment

I established a staging environment to safely develop the website away from the live version. This space was instrumental for trialing different plugins and layouts, allowing for iterative enhancements without risking the integrity or accessibility of the existing online presence. It served as a sandbox for refining design elements and functionalities before going live.



During the development phase, I implemented a user-friendly backend utilising Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to facilitate content updates by the client. Regular updates and consultations with Brand Atelier ensured that each step of the website’s development aligned with their expectations and feedback, steering the project towards a successful launch aligned with their high standards.


Case Study

The Results

The completed website for Broadland Construction exceeded all expectations, perfectly reflecting the prestige of their brand and the quality of their property developments. The intuitive design and streamlined backend enabled easy updates, ensuring the site remains current with minimal effort. The responsive design performed flawlessly across all devices, significantly enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Post-launch, the website has received commendable feedback for its professional appearance and ease of navigation, significantly boosting Broadland Construction’s online presence and helping to attract a more discerning clientele. This project not only strengthened their market position but also reinforced their reputation as leaders in up-market property development.
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