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Brady Technologies

Revitalising Brady Technologies’ web presence: Improved speed, streamlined performance, and mobile optimisation for enhanced user engagement and satisfaction.

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Brady Technologies

Case Study

The Client

Brady Technologies stands at the forefront of the UK’s SaaS landscape, offering cutting-edge solutions for energy trading and risk management. Specialising in software that streamlines operations, enhances decision-making, and mitigates risk, Brady Technologies serves as a pivotal ally for energy sector professionals seeking efficiency and clarity in their trading activities.

Their commitment to innovation and client success cements their status as a leader in the technological transformation of energy trading.

Case Study

The Brief

Rebuild Using Existing Design

Preserve visual identity while overhauling backend for enhanced performance, maintaining brand consistency with improved functionality.

Improve Site Speed

Accelerate loading times to enhance user experience, aiming for optimal performance metrics and higher search engine rankings.

Reduce Plugins

Streamline operations by minimising plugin use, enhancing site security and reliability without compromising on essential functionalities.

Mobile Responsive

Ensure flawless performance on all devices, prioritising mobile responsiveness for better user engagement and search engine visibility.

Case Study

My Approach

Website Audit

The approach commenced with a detailed website audit, meticulously examining the site’s current architecture, performance indicators, and overall user engagement to identify critical areas requiring optimisation. This evaluation provided a clear roadmap for enhancing site efficiency, SEO readiness, and user experience, setting the stage for a comprehensive redevelopment plan.


Create a Staging Environment

A dedicated staging environment was created, mirroring the live site to allow for a risk-free development process. This involved a clean installation of WordPress, along with the latest versions of necessary themes and plugins, ensuring a modern and secure foundation. The staging setup enabled thorough testing and refinement without impacting the live site's performance or user experience.



During the development phase, the site underwent a complete reconstruction based on the insights from the initial audit and the client's strategic objectives. By integrating pre-approved design enhancements and utilising a blend of custom development solutions, the project not only retained its brand essence but also introduced innovative features aimed at improving functionality and engagement.


Migration & Testing

The final phase involved meticulously migrating the revamped site from the staging environment to the live server. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure every aspect of the site, from links and forms to load speed and mobile responsiveness, operated flawlessly. This careful attention to detail ensured a seamless transition and a significantly improved online presence for the client.


Case Study

The Results

The redevelopment of Brady Technologies’ website successfully met and exceeded the client’s expectations, setting a new standard for their online presence. After launching the updated site, we observed a significant improvement in site speed, which contributed to a more seamless user experience and enhanced engagement.

The strategic reduction of plugins and optimisation of the database resulted in improved site performance and security. Additionally, the implementation of a mobile-responsive design led to increased accessibility and satisfaction among mobile users. These enhancements not only revitalised Brady Technologies’ digital facade but also bolstered their market position, leading to an uptick in user interactions and customer satisfaction. The project delivered a robust and scalable web solution that supports Brady Technologies’ ongoing growth and adapts to evolving digital landscapes.

The Review

“Great to work with Fred – very detailed and amazingly helpful.”

Brady Technologies